Our major strength is Roller Hearth type continuous, semi continuous and Batch Type Gas Carburizing / Hardening furnace which has got lot of advantages over conventional pusher type furnaces. Our next specialty is Gas Carburizing / and molten salt bath quenching (Martempering and Austempering) which is the most suitable furnace for Automobile transmission gears which requires minimum distortion.

In Aluminum heat treatment our specially is continuous T5, T6, T7 Furnace, which is basket (Jigs) less so the cost of jigs and fixtures can be eliminated. Our Mesh belt type continuous furnace for hardening, carburizing and austempering are well proven design and is in operation in all over the world. As on today more than 500 heat treatment systems are supplied by us to the precious customers all over the world.

Our commercial Heat Treatment facility which is primarily aimed for Heat Treatment of Automobile parts (Gears) for M/s. Hyundai Motors India Ltd., is having an installed capacity of heat treating 6000000 Gear Boxes per year (about 60 tons of steel per day).

Also we are doing heat treatment for NSK ABC, TIDC, DAS, TEAYANG, IP Rings, AAL and more.”

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